Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting Arne Duncan!

Meeting Arne Duncan!

Alex W, another intern in the AAPD program and I, were able to meet the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan! I had come over from another building to the LBJ building to attend the all-staff meeting in person. During the meeting, there were microphones to ask a question in public but I was too shy to speak. Anyway, after the meeting a bunch of interns crowded around Arne Duncan and were taking pictures with him. I went up and introduced myself. I shook his hand and I told him that I too was from Chicago, and then I asked where he was from. He answered, “Hyde Park.” I told him I was attending Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and that I was one semester away from my MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. That was basically the extent of our conversation.

Andy, my brother, comes to visit next weekend! The fourth of July is on a Monday this year which gives us a three day weekend! We have lots of things planned: a night tour of the monuments, a Washington Nationals baseball game with my roommate, lunch with my friend Adam, dinner with more friends, fireworks and a concert on the fourth! Lots of good times planned….

I am busy studying for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam! I will be taking it on Saturday July 9th at noon in Washington DC. Then another intern and I will go to meet my friend Kristin in Bethesda for dinner on Sunday to celebrate the end of the exam and to talk about public health issues.

Monday, June 27th I will meet with my colleagues at work at the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) under the Department of Education and receive instructions on two new projects. I am excited about this!!

So this blog post has been rather oriented to the future rather than the present or the past. That’s fine I think…off to new adventures!


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