Friday, June 17, 2011

Meetings Meetings and More Meetings: You Can Learn a lot from Them

This week I got to experience my first office meetings. I had three meetings spread out throughout the week each involving a different project. My first meeting of the week came as a surprise to me when a coworker asked me to sit on a meeting for the Fed Feeds Families project. This project is initiatives by the federal government to have its employees collect food items that will then be given out to different food shelters throughout DC and Metropolitan area. Feds Feeds Families’ goal is to cut down on the population of persons suffering with hunger throughout the DC area. The next day, while dressed in the best suit I have, I participated in the Selective Placement Coordinator meeting. We discussed continuing work on A DOT wide recruitment plan, to increase employment of people with targeted disabilities within the federal government. We also discussed ideas of things that we could do during the month of October which is Disability Employment Month. The last meeting was the DRC staff meeting; it was a short one because I had to attend the SPC's meeting. Throughout all of these meetings I didn't say much but I sat back and observed how things were done. Because of this observation, I believe when I attend the next meeting I will be more willing to speak up. There was also a little fun this week to as we had an office wide lunch party on Thursday. This week has been the most informative and learning filled week thus far. I look forward to future meetings and continuing the learning process.

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