Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 4: Getting in the Groove

Today marks an entire month since I have been in DC- I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by.

The theme of this week for me was really getting settled in my routine. I no longer felt like the "new kid" at work or in the city in general. For the first time, I was went to a bunch of meetings on my own- the first being on Monday. Any of my friends will tell you that navigation is definitely not one of my strong suits- they constantly make fun of my dependence on my GPS.

So I was definitely a little nervous about making my way by myself from my office to the hill solo. I found the right meeting room and succesfuly gave my 5 minute spiel hopefully without sounding too much like an intern. I was feeling pretty good about myself. That is until I was about to get on the metro headed back to the office. I felt behing my wheelchair to where I had stored my suit jacket, my one and only fancy outfit was gone. I wound up having to backtrack all the way out of the metro stop and back up a very steep street to where I had dropped it. Luckily it only cost me the a 1 dollar metro re-entrance fee, and my pride.

Besides that mishap I really enjoyed my week. I got to spend some time doing touristy things- including a trip to see some of the monuments lit up at night and also to a baseball game with my roommate to see the Nationals crush the Cardinals. I look forward to what the next month has in store.

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