Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 3 in DC

Week three in DC has arrived and I can’t believe all the things I have learned and been taught already. Before starting my communications internship at AAPD I had experience in social networking. But, now I have gained so many valuable skills beyond just social networking. I have gotten to sit in on important meetings. Seeing how the company really works together to support and advocate for people with disabilities. I have gotten to work on projects such as captioning a video to ensure that it is accessible to all viewers. This is very interesting and something I will be able to take with me once I start at Camphill because they might want to post videos and ensure that everyone who would watch it would be able to have the accessibility they need. I have also been working on putting together “one-pagers” for each department at AAPD. These documents will be what members and potential donors will look at when wanting more information about a certain area of work that AAPD does. This lets me know that after I end my internship some of the hard work I put in will be around long after I have to say good-bye.

I have come to form a certain love for the DC area. Aside from the traffic this area of the country is beautiful. I enjoy going on lunch and being able to walk to different little parks in the city and even getting to visit the White House on numerous occasions. I feel truly blessed that I was given this opportunity and can feel that I have already grown some in the few weeks I have been here. I am excited for what the future holds and what things I will get to learn and discover about myself because of my experience at AAPD.

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