Sunday, June 19, 2011

The third week has arrived. Soon, it will be half way through my AAPD internship experience. The time has flown by so fast. I know I should not think of it that way now, because I am enjoying the experiences of being an intern at the USDA. Here is a picture of me in front of the building where I work. Work Sweet Work:

I chose black and white instead of color because USDA was founded a long time ago, and this gave me a sense of connection with the past. Notice that there is light on the right hand corner. I feel like it reflects on the place where I am an intern; it shows that it is a special place to me. The reason why I am having such a good experience is because the people there are friendly and helpful. I feel I am learning a lot about what a position with a government agency is like.

My mom finally came to visit me last weekend. She was the one who took the picture, thanks to her. :) It was nice getting lost in the city with her. It was my fault, I admit. I should have been more pro-active about planning our time but for some reason, I was not. At least we ate good food here in D.C. I really enjoyed this restaurant, “The Founding Farmers” with their delicious deviled eggs. I think that is the only reason why I want to go back there again. You know how delicious the deviled eggs are, right? Imagine with salmon, lobster and crab in them, as well, 4 different kinds of eggs- you can imagine : “YUMMY, that is the place I wanted to go”. I am sure there are other restaurants just as good, I just haven’t discovered yet.

I finally saw few of my old friends this week and of course, it was nice to catch up with them especially one who I knew since I was 4 years old. We always have good time when we get , every once in a while. You know when you are young, remember the feeling that you don’t know what future will be like. This is the day you never thought you would be at 15 years ago. It makes me more nervous about what may happen in the future, what I don’t know at this moment will happen in 15 years. This is why you should do what you want to do and make most out of it. Go with the flow and enjoy. :)

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