Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Week of Aventures

The completion of more projects this past week has caused my bosses to find out exactly what I am capable of and they are giving me harder projects and those that are of more significance which has me thrilled and ever-dedicated to see those new projects through to the end. It was good to hear feedback of my performance thus far at a performance review meeting earlier in the week. They said many positive things about me, which has me really buckling down and thinking about working harder the next 6 weeks to keep them impressed, or even better, become more impressed with my contribution to the Commission of Mental and Physical Disability Law over this summer. I am getting to know my fellow interns in the office a bit better, learning about where they come from and probing them about their experience in law school and the preparation for it since I am planning to go to law school when I am done with my Bachelor’s. I am also starting to grow more and more comfortable with my bosses and starting to think more like them as I go through every little step/stage in my projects and imitate what questions or what comments they would make and tweak it myself before presenting the final product. I have found this to be effective in streamlining the amount of time it takes from the start of a project to the completion of it. On the work front, everything seems to be clicking on all cylinders as I type this blog. I eagerly look forward to another week of work, and strangely, I am starting to get a sad feeling thinking about how I will leave after only 10 weeks. I feel like that amount of time is too short and does not do justice to us interns, and that perhaps, I would love to stay another 2 weeks or so this summer and continue to make contributions. Maybe I am crazy for thinking the last 4 weeks of my summer is better spent here working in D.C. than going home and taking a short “breather” before my school year starts all over again. Stay tuned as I decide what I am going to do about this feeling.

-Colton Jannusch

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