Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fifth Week.

My fifth week of the internship went great! I've gotten to explore many of the building extensively, and had a fair share of interesting constituency call-ins. I am also continuing to research legislation for the LAs which is good - since I get to learn so much from the in-depth research I have been doing. I am enjoying my internship very much and look forward to possibly returning to The Hill be it in ministry or to work in an office.

Also, this week I got to go to a few receptions and lectures. The first reception I went to was one promoting dairy farmers; they had cheese... it was interesting, I went with my fellow interns - this is how I learned what a "cheese curd" was, they sound so unhealthy... worse than our friend chicken down south!! But, even since then I've been getting made fun of (in a joking way) because I'm the only one in the office that does not like cheese nor beer (and those are two 'sconsin staples!). What can I say... BBQ, mashed potatoes, fried okra, buttered sweet corn, sweet tea, and all of those other southern comfort foods!! That's my kind of stuff! :)

After work I had church, which went well - I'm continuing to meet so many great people! Very thankful for that. And when the week ended I took some time to finish up some stuff for my business, so it was a nice relaxing Friday. Now that it's Saturday, my AAPD intern classmates and I went to The FDR Memorial; from there we went our separate ways... I decided to contrast the past few hours with visiting The Jefferson Memorial, it was great! I also got to walk across the mall to The National Botanical Gardens. While at the gardens, both inside and out, I took a ton of pictures of beautiful flowers and plants! They are seemingly so simple but created with such complexity! It truly is a wonder, whilst we have much greater function than do the green ground specimen, of what the human body has been simplified to yet drawn out in complexity. These are some of the greatest mysteries of creation - life itself! On that note, I can say I'm so grateful to wake up every morning to see the sun rise, it's so majestic!! (yes, I enjoy getting up early.) I'm solar-powered. ;)

- Steven Policastro

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