Friday, June 17, 2011

Fourth Week.

This fourth week as been very interesting, I have gotten more to do at my internship - including the ability to research legislation and write reports, talking points, and summaries for committees. I have had a great time talking with some constituents, learning their points of view, and leaving each phone call with a smile on my face!

Outside of work, I have had a good week too, I unfortunately was unable to do too much since I was sick for a good portion of the week - but I am getting better, so that is always a good thing! Today I went trekking across The District from Rock Creek Park to the forts in the east of Washington. During this time, I met a new family who was touring The District after moving to Annapolis, MD two weeks ago; it was great to be able to help them (realising just how much I have learned in such a short period of time). After a fun-filled foray of park hopping, I got back on The Metro to head to the infamous Target to buy food supplies for my apartment, on my way home from Target I met a new friend on The Metro; so glad I'm being able to know people be it from AAPD, at church, or on The Metro.

After my day's adventure and unpacking, I got to head to Capitol Hill to have dinner at a friend's house... I never knew this but people live in basements - I love it! They are quaint and elegantly simple. Gave me somewhat of any idea of what I want in my house when I get married... although we do no have basements in Florida.

I hope everyone's week has been splendid!

- Steven Policastro

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