Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taking DC By Storm!

Wow! Where to begin in recapping this whirlwind of a second week here in DC?

Well, for starters, Tuesday (June 1st) was the first day of my internship at Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) office. As one can imagine, it is pretty busy there due to Rep. Ryan’s proposed budget plan, the Path to Prosperity. I remember passing by numerous other offices in Longworth, looking for Rep. Ryan’s and just being completely in awe of not only the beauty of the halls/ building, but the fact that for the rest of the summer I would be surrounded some of the U.S.’s most influential politicians. It was like opening a mysterious door to a once-believed distant realm of “US politics” and an inundation of respect, pride, and humility washing me over. J

In other DC related tourist-y business, I met up my lovely friend, Daisy from high school who I had not seen in over a year! (Might I just add, her sundress was absolutely adorable!) Anyway, we went to the Smithsonian and looked around for fun cheap to free museums to visit—we ultimately ended up back at the free museums near the Smithsonian metro. We dined at the ever-classy McDonald’s and afterwards, explored the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of (Wo)Man.

Here is a picture of my friend Emma as a Homo neanderthalensis via an interactive photo booth: (pictures of Daisy and I were assuredly less than satisfactory-looking….)

As for the week ahead, I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait for Capital Pride this weekend-- my first ever pride parade and festival!

Join me if you're free!


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