Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Adventures!

This past week in Washington, D.C. was a wonderful week. At work, I got handed 3 new projects and that had me so excited to work on a wider array of topics in regards to disability law. Those projects will give me so much more exposure to how things work in the world of disability law and give me a chance to accomplish much more progress for the Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law. Professional growth is something that I look forward to as this internship continues to develop, and I am already seeing the results- meaning I am developing better critical thinking and research skills. As the week progressed, one of my supervisors has started to sign with me more and more and I am thrilled about this because it will lay the foundation for better communication in the upcoming weeks. I am excited about the opportunities I have been receiving at work, especially the brief meeting I had with the director of the D.C. office here and the private tours that are upcoming of both the Library of Congress and the United States Supreme Court.

As usual, I had some fun on the side. I played in the weekly softball game and was able to have our team beat the Department of Justice to build some momentum heading into the halfway point of the season. Yay! My family decided to come visit me and I was delighted to take them around the city. We also visited museums that covered historical events, one was the Holocaust and the other was the culmination of American history. Those events, I endorse all wholeheartedly, because they show what has transpired and how it has shaped the history of the world and additionally, because they are free and worth it!

- Colton Jannusch

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