Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello all,

This is Carrie DC Hall which is why I named my blog D.C. in D.C.,I like to start off my introduction with a little humor just so you know what I am like in person! I attend Kent State University in Kent, Ohio and I am pursuing an Associate degree in Science, in which I will have this fall, a Bachelor degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Network Security and a Minor in Applied Math. I have reached my Junior year in college and it is such an amazing honor for AAPD to allow me this summer to intern at the USDA (Department of Agriculture). At orientation we met a lot of really important people who are very well recognized in DC and I really enjoyed, appreciated and learned a lot from them so I also have to thank AAPD for having them come to give us some advice. This is my first time ever in Washington and it has been an "interesting" 1st week!

During orientation I met some of the coolest people with all different types of backgrounds from different schools in different states, so I definitely have some new life long friends! In addition, I have somewhat mastered the Metro system (don't quote me on that just yet) and can get around on foot pretty good as well. Now, to the "interesting" part: Interestingly enough, my bank back home IS NOT a bank here in DC so as I went off venturing to find one that I could cash my check at I happened to get caught in the rain, actually a thunderstorm and without the Ohio State hoodie I left at orientation and NO umbrella! But in turn, again, I have learned to get around the area because that said occurrence. I can get to some pretty cool shopping centers too such as Pentagon City and Columbia Heights. I start my internship early Monday morning so it's going to be a pretty light weekend, hopefully me and some of my new friends can do a little sight seeing tomorrow but my roommate's dad told me I have plenty of time to check out all the museums and historical sites so take my time. Thank God for that because this was a long week and I need some good rest!

I intend on this blog being very information on my experiences because I really want to make this trip a memorable one so don't expect any of these blogs following this one to be brief! I do want you all to enjoy it because I am going to give 110% everyday of my internship and having fun as well. Thanks again Dana, Mark, Margaret and the whole AAPD organization for this opportunity and I will represent this organization to the very best of my capability!

Until next time, God Bless and have a wonderful week!

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