Monday, June 25, 2012

Good times and great fun!

Last week was absolutely amazing! We held a summit on Aging and Long-term Care, and heard some pretty compelling statistics on why we need to reform Medicaid. As part of the conference, we were up on Capitol Hill at the SVC. Senators Cardin, Durbin and Brown came to speak to us. They were literally maybe 10-15 feet away from me. I felt like I was in the Pollywood or the Political Hollywood! A number of Congressmen also showed up. I can't believe we interns get to attend events like this and see the guys who run our country up close and personal! The picture above is of yours truly holding the JFNA sign in front of le Capitol!

We also attended an AAPD event on Schedule A hiring--everyone should know about this program. If you don't, google it ASAP! On the way back that evening, we stumbled upon some ducks hiding under a car. My fellow interns rescued them and sent them along their merry way to a Wildlife Rescue (by way of Animal Control). So that was kind of cool. I mean, I knew that D.C. had cockroaches and wasps. But ducks? Talk about a diverse wildlife population!

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a Shabbat dinner with a Holocaust survivor who spoke about her experiences in the camps and the Death March in '45. Working with victims of mass genocide is a major passion of mine, and I love volunteering with these remarkable individuals. I believe it is important to spread awareness-especially as the immediate memory fades from our collective conscience. As more and more survivors pass on, we need our generation to carry the torch and ensure that horrific events like the Holocaust never happen again.

Along with working on my thesis this weekend, I went out to a Latin club with a few fellow interns, which was a lot of fun and on Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit Friendship Heights and meet up with an old friend.

This week also promises to be quite exciting...but I'll save that for next time.

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