Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

I always loved father's day.  Trying to find the perfect gift that would make my father smile, when all he wanted was to send time with his girls and know that he was loved.  I've spent the last few weeks quickly going through my emails deleting all the ones that say anything about father.  I have been wanting to avoid the feelings that come up when I think about his vacancy.  Maybe it should not affect me as much as it does, but I miss my father.  I miss the relationship we could have had.  But I have a lot of wonderful memories to think back on.  Those are the thoughts that I need to fill my brain with.

My father was a great man.  I know a lot of people think that of their parents, but he really was.  He was a professor of geography at Iowa.  He studied cultural struggles over human rights.  Basically he looked at how countries and people of different cultures try to deal with human rights issues.  He did that work, but he did so many other things.  There was not enough room at his memorial service for all the people who came.  He was a great person who was respected by many people.

For me now, Father's day will have to take on a new meaning.  No more will it be trying to make my father smile.  Now it will be remembering his smile and the smiles he put on my face and my sisters' faces and my mother's face.  Father's day will be a day for reconnection with my siblings and mother.  We live far apart and don't always get to talk to one another as much as we would like.  I would like to talk with all of them, to rememberour father Rex Dean Honey

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