Sunday, June 17, 2012


Fate is defined as events occurring outside of the control of an individual.  But I believe that we have the control to nudge fate along to its final destiny.  For this week I feel that I was able to test my theory by scheduling a meeting with my Deputy/acting Commissioner.  I went to the meeting expecting that he wanted to answer questions I prepared for him and the meeting would last approximately 30 minutes given that he is a busy man.  Yet, what really happened was the polar opposite if my expectations.  He was interested in my career goals, dissertation topic, extending help with the topic, and even at times offering advice. Wow!! But of course, I had questions to ask him, and he expounded on them without hesitation. Before I knew it an hour and half had past.  He indicated that we could continue the conversation, but I requested that we terminate the meeting.  He stated that he would be glad to converse with me at anytime in the future.  I was so thrilled to have been in his presence. 

At the beginning of the week, I assisted with the completion of a project assigned by my supervisor to a team of us.  It was a proposal that he was going to send through the proper channels for approval.  It is something he has been thinking about for two years.  It was fate that brought me to help on the project.  I was elated to have worked on the project with team members, and I hope the best for the project.

Finally, I requested to have dinner with my Senator on next week.  His staff replied back with haste, and I will have breakfast with the Senator Harkins. Know fate would have it that he is a major supporter of persons with disabilities.  Yes!  What a week!!

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