Monday, June 25, 2012

Warning! this blog is very much a random ramble!

 Wow! This week went by quick. This whole experience is going by too fast. I’m learning a lot in my internship about the power of social media. I get to both observe and participate. This week I hope to observe a reporter in the field. I’m also learning about covering a story from a news perspective, as opposed to what I’m familiar with, a documentarian and social analyzer.

 I got a chance to talk to a very important individual in the passing of disability rights laws and advances to our community. I think it’s interesting what philosophies are in power in the disability community today. As opposed to the personalities and leaders that were the head of establishing the movement originally. I don’t completely understand the obsession with FDR by the disability rights community. I think we have enough leaders in our history who hid their disability and even today this is all too common. I have noticed a difference between being born with your disability and acquiring your disability after an injury or illness. Not that one is more part of the disability community than the other, the fact remains that there are so many stories and relationships between people and their disabilities that I’m kind of sick of hearing about only one of them.

 This whole experience so far has helped me to define success in my life. I have never been in an environment, before now, where individuals measure their success by how much authority they have. This is not how I define success And individuals who do define success this way, I tend not to agree with. Some of these individuals are seen as important people and inspiring people, but to me the egoless leaders I tend to have more respect for.

 I’m really nervous about the conversation happening on Capitol Hill surrounding restraints and seclusion in schools K-12. I’m trying to figure out a local angle in order to get this covered by NBC4, if you have any ideas or know about any actions please let me know.

I could use some help from my fellow a AAPD interns. one of my next projects is a survival guide for interns working in Washington DC. I will be doing a do’s and don’ts fashion shoot. if you’re interested please hit me up! If you would like to check out my take your dog to work Day story, which features our very own Liz, attached is a link.!/the-scene/events/Take-Your-Dog-to-Work-Day/160025545

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