Monday, June 18, 2012

the rest ends

Another week comes to a close.  My expereince was largly the same as it was last week.  Fortunatly, that wont be the case this week!  I will be meeting with someone in the AAPD office later this morning.  This week should see me begin a work scheduale at last.  A long period of desperate waiting is over.

In the meantime, I still had a lot of fun.  I did more reading and watching netflix. I discovered a great series of Terry Jones specials.  It turns out that that particular Monty Python writer is also a historian.  He has created engaging and insightful videos on life in the Middle Ages, Rome, Egypt, etc.  I would love to see if he has published more in depth historical articles.  Also fun from the last few days was the fact that it was Katie's birthday!  Her family came down this weekend.  We had a couple of really cool adventures.  The first day, I went with Katie and her family as she picked out a dress for our wedding.  The next day, we all took a double decker tour of DC.  It made me want to go to the MLK memorial and Fords Theatre.  Also of interest, apperently Presient Obama walks his dog around 12ish on Sundy Mornings.  I have to go to the White House on some Sundays and see what I can see.

However, it hasent been all fun and games.  My computer crashed a couple of days ago.  Its back up and running, but I lost a lot of files.  Not to mention, I lost all the microsoft word programs!  I am going to have to use google docs.  Thank goodness I was not in college when this happened! Still, I have had this computer for a while. One of these weekends I am going to buy another one. 

Well, a new week begins!  I cant wait to see what work brings. 

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