Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happiness and Sadness!

I have been told that nothing in life last forever and I find that statement to be all to true this week.  I experienced an enormous amount of happiness on this past week at my internship site.  On the other hand, I was saddened to receive news from home at the end of my first week.

My first week of internship began on Monday. On my first date of arrival, I was immediately taken to a meeting that included personnel from various entities within government.  After the meeting, I was met with warm welcoming faces with in the office upon being introduced to the many wonderful employees at the agency.  I met with my supervisor and was given some guidelines for the internship.  I was shown my cubical and it was ready, set, go!!  Unfortunately, I was not able to access anything on my computer due to the high security mechanisms in place. However, while waiting I began to visit employees and got a brief overview of the task performed at the Federal level. 

During the middle of the week, I received my badge and began to work on the computer. YES!!!!!! I was given a task to complete what I felt was a bit advanced, but I did complete it!!! I stayed late Friday and I was elated to finally complete the first week.  When I got home, all of the excitement dissipates to sadness by simply answering my cell phone.

By answering my cell phone, I was met with the news about my childhood friend.  We were still best friends that could share anything in confidence.  This is a painful, confusing time for me.  But if my friend were here he would tell me “Rodney man do not lose your focus because it is your time to shine and you deserve all that is coming to you in the future”.       

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