Sunday, June 24, 2012

A full work week

An exciting week ends.  After all of the searching I finally have work!  Currently, I am temping in  the main AAPD office.  I go to a computer and do work from it.  Mainly, I work with one of the AAPD's allies, David.  David is a contractor who works with the AAPD on matters relating to healthcare.

The result is an incredible learning experience for me.  For one of my jobs, I learned what the Affordable Health Care Act offers.  I also had to read the trandscript of a  congressional hearing on Security Supplemental Income, and I attended a hearing held by Senator Harkin on the Government's enforcment of the Olmstead Supreme Court decision.  The expereinces were wonderful.  They have helped my own political views become more nuanced.  And I am not gonna lie..being in a room with three Senators, and seeing part of my face on C-Span (I was right behind one of the witnessess) was awesome!

Also, a major personal development occured in my life. I have used tv to relax for a long time. In the last couple of days, I have decided upon some physical exercises to try as a substitute. Hey, they say our generation watches to much tv, right? Hopefully, this can serve as a substitute.

Other than that, life has been fairly ordinary around here.  Slowly I have settled into a pattern, eating reasonably healthy, doing what I need to maintain myself, having fun.   I am curious about what this week will bring, as I feel I have figuredout a lot of the basic stuff I need to do to keep myself on task. Still, as I sit here typing this, a thought occurs to me....will this be the week I join DHS, or stay at AAPD?  Both are great oppertunities. 

Well, almost time for sleep than work.  I wonder what will happen this week.

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