Monday, June 11, 2012

1st week of internship!

                My first week of internship was simply awesome! From the moment I entered Congresswoman McMorris- Rodgers’ office, I knew it was going to be a sweet summer! The workers here were very welcoming and friendly towards me.  They helped me with whatever I needed and made sure everything was accessible for me.  I really look forward working with them for the rest of the summer and getting to know them better.  Also, I finally met the Congresswoman on Friday and she is the nicest!   We all had a monthly staff meeting on Friday and my boss, Dr. Summars, introduced me to everyone, including the staff over in Washington State (Phone conference call).   It was pretty sweet when Congresswoman asked me few questions about my background, etc with everyone there.  I was pretty nervous but the vibe in that room just made me feel relaxed.  Really, the staff here are tremendous! I feel lucky and humbled to be working with them this summer.
                On Thursday I attended a “mark up” meeting for HR Bill 4279 which focused on the “Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012.”  I absolutely enjoyed witnessing my first “real” committee meeting with the representatives.  The Democrats and Republicans were going at it, talking back and forth about the revisions needed to be made for the bill. The best part was when the debate got really heated up between them!  That definitely got the spectators paying attention including me! I really look forward to going to more of these meetings.  
                I am really excited for my Wednesdays this summer! One of the workers here, Josh, got me on a softball team! I absolutely cannot wait to meet new people and kick some butt on the Mall field.  Last week’s game was cancelled because the other team forfeited… BOOOO. So, I really hope we have a game this Wednesday!  How cool is it to be playing softball in front of the Nation’s capital and the Monument!? I can’t wait!
I hope all is well with everyone! Cheers!

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