Sunday, June 10, 2012

D.C. in D.C. week 2

Well, this was quite another interesting week of my summer in D.C. I have more follies to share but also some awesome news! Lets start with the follies just for fun!

When we all arrived in D.C., most of us caught the train to Foggy Bottoms which is the stop where we get off on to get home. It was in all our good interest, who don't have cars, to familiarize ourselves with the Metrorail systems since it's the most common way to get around in general. So in turn, most of us purchased SmarTrip cards which are pre-paid cards you use to bypass stopping to add funds every time you use the train. Well, with my luck, I added 25 dollars to my card just to make it through the week and the machine took my money! The downside of the matter is that the Metro Company does not instantly refund your money so you have to wait days even weeks to get your money back! Well Thank Goodness I registered my card and they added it back on after a couple of days, which I really could of used this week for transportation but I got my money back so I can't complain!

Now moving on the brighter side of week 2: I attended several LGBT Pride events over the weekend and saw my first Pride Parade here in D.C.! I also got to finally walk pass the White House! I saw it and the Department of Treasury on my way to a STEM career expo in the Ronald Reagan Building which is architecturally fantastic, mainly in my opinion because of the food courts inside! While there, I met a professor who is a member of the BDPA (Black Data Processors Associates), basically a group of African Americans who have or are pursuing a wide range of degrees in physics, mathematics and computer science! God is truly good because on Saturday, he picked me up and took me to his mentoring program site named JEF, Joint Education Facilities, Inc. in which us college students in CS (computer science) mentor high school students who are intending on also gaining degrees in CS once they graduate from high school. I am honored to do this mentoring program because back home in Canton we don't have a program like this so hopefully I can take this back home with me and possibly start a program like this there! God is so Good and I appreciate AAPD for my summer internship here because once again, if they did not bring me here I would have never been able to have opportunities like these!

So in the upcoming week, I will be attending the SiriusXM Satellite Radio Technology & Media Reception and Regional IT Showcase & Community Technology Summit. I can't wait to attend those this weekend plus my boy Shawn's 25th birthday is Wednesday and all us interns are going out for dinner to celebrate with him! This is truly an eye awakening experience for me because it has let me be out on my own for the 1st time in a long time and even through the fun and follies I have been able to do things that I can enjoy! Hopefully in the coming weeks there will be more FUN than FOLLY! Until next time,

God Bless!

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