Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blog #4

This past week, my friend and I went looking for a place to swim. We thought we would be able to swim at George Washington University's facility, but when we arrived we were rejected. Apparently there was some sort of event in the building so they closed the building to everyone. We probably should have just said we were part of the event. Anyway, after a Google search we were on our way to the nearest public pool. At this point in the day, I can't wait to swim. We arrive at the pool and note how strange it was that there wasn't a single person in the pool, that wasn't going to stop us though. We made our way to the edge of the pool and were about to get in, when a lifeguard taps on my shoulder to inform me that the pool is closed. The lifeguard told me that the pool would be closed for about an hour because some kid puked in the pool.

That would have been some information I'd have liked to have before paying admission into a pool I COULDN'T swim in.

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