Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 3rd Blog Ross Yellin

This week was the first week of my internship. When I first got to my internship Marsha my supervisor took me around and introduced  me to everyone.  I was then brought to my office and the technical specialist set up my computer. I have the entire office to myself 4 days a week but I shared the office with another staffer of Fridays. I was given two long term assignments. The first was to help create and moderate the  U.S Access boards website and the second is a project is to write a report relating to public comments relating to assistive technology. This week I focused solely on the project relating to assistive technology. So far I have been provided with a series of common concerns that people have asked relating to Public Policy on Accessibility. I was then  given a list of public comments and responses relating to the concerns. My job was to Analyze the responses people have and  try to summarize the concerns that people have. I was introduced to my mentor David Baquis at the US. Access Board. The job of my mentor is to provide me guidance and assist me in anyway with my work at the US Access board. My mentor  deals with policy related to assistive technology, so basically he will be working on the same projects as me.  Later in the week I was invited to a meeting  where several  people came from the Middle East and spoke about  their countries policies relating to accessibility. The purpose of them  coming is for the Access Board to get a better idea of the way other countries are dealing with Accessibility and offer them any help or guidance in making their country more accessible. 

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