Monday, June 18, 2012

DC, Jersey and in between

Well hello everyone! So where did I last leave off? 

 Work-wise, I've been involved in some pretty cool lobbying assignments in the areas of ageing and disability-particularly with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities-we're trying to get the Senate to ratify it so that the United States can be involved in the steering committee. After work, I headed out to the monthly NYU Alumni Happy Hour-it was a lot of fun meeting friendly faces from my undergrad years. 

On Wednesday, I had the honor of being asked to present the AAPD mission statement in American Sign Language for their website. Afterwards, I went with another intern to an open captioned indie film called "Ultrasonic". It was a psychological thriller that had me thinking pretty hard afterwards. After work on Thursday, I met up with a good friend from my undergraduate years and bumped into someone I knew from my time in the United Kingdom. D.C. really is a small world. On Friday I took the train home to New Jersey and got to see my family, and my very adorable Schnauzer. Did I mention there was free food? We celebrated Father’s Day with yummy Fajitas and Mojitos. Got home late last night and headed into work today a bit tired. But I perked up when I realized I was heading to the Rayburn Building (House of Representatives-for those in the know) and had the privilege of meeting some incredible people in the industry. I also heard a little more about US-Middle East relations and listened to leading analysts describe its implications for the 2012 Presidential elections. Cool beans!

And now I’m home-doing laundry and hopefully going to catch up on my sleep before another whirlwind week! Cheers and ‘bis nächste Woche’.


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