Monday, June 11, 2012

Forgetting to breathe

So I started my first internship with the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) last week and I'm absolutely crazy about my work and the people there. They have me working on all sorts of projects including research and lobbying on issues such as disability rights and aging. I'm sitting in on all sorts of meetings and in completely awe that they really embrace their interns and want us to participate. But what REALLY got me was the fact that they provided interpreters for me at all the big staff meetings. Yes, plural. They really care about whether or not I actually follow what is going on. My mind was just blown. I've never been treated with this amount of respect in the past and I'm truly just appreciative of the work culture at JFNA. 

But it hasn't just been all work and no play. I have had the opportunity to catch up with several old friends who happened to be in town last week. I tried some amazing hamburgers at the Shake Shack (spread the word YUMMY) and also had my first true D.C. Happy Hour experience at the Front Page. 1/2 off appetizers: $4.50 for nachos! Can't go wrong there! 

This past weekend I went with some of the fellow AAPD interns to the Gay Pride parade which was a lot of fun. The parade featured a number of creative floats, singers, dancers and even a "Different Drummers" marching band playing Madonna's Material Girl. It was a great opportunity to see the LGBT community come out in full form in D.C. I also went to Georgetown to do some shopping or as the French say 'window licking' as my pocketbook just isn't thick enough to buy items from the fancy-schmancy boutiques that line M Street. 

All in all, I've been a busy little (sweaty) bee! 

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