Monday, June 11, 2012

2nd Week-ish

I am afraid I have run into some difficulties.  In the month of May I submitted my security clearance paperwork for the government job I was accepted into.  I was told it would be finished within 30 days of submission. Doing the math, I figured it would all be done by June 9.  Alas, I have not heard back regarding it yet.  I have been unable to start my internship.
I find myself in an interesting position.  On one hand, it has been a relaxing week.  On the other, its been a relaxing week.  I admit I feel ready to commence my internship experience.

Still, I have had a great time.  I have gotten further practice with living on my own.  I have gone shopping (mostly at whole foods) and cooked my own meals many different times.  I feel much more confident in the kitchen.  I have also read some great books, walked around, learned just how close Georgetown was (I didn’t realize you could walk so easily between GW and Georgetown) and just had a great time.  I am getting more and more used to living on my own.

Finally, I learned something this week about discrimination and society.  My fiancee and I recently watched a movie called the burning times, about the witch hunts of old.  That movie, plus discussions with her made me fully appreciate just how deadly sexism is.  I felt dirty as I realized how deep sexist assumptions go, and how society’s movies, jokes, comedies, etc. can serve to brainwash. The same I suppose can be true of the assumptions that lead to any bigoted attitude.  And I certainly fear that has helped hurt the disabled community.

   Well, I guess all that is left to do is wait to see what comes next with the security clearance.  Sorry it took a while to make this post.  I must be sure to write everything down.   

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