Monday, June 18, 2012

An "Eye" for Photography

Having an addiction to facebook can be beneficial.  While I was browsing my homepage, I noticed a post in the AAPD intern group about a concert at the Kennedy Center—a concert of musicians with disabilities provided by VSA, the international organization on arts and disability.  The talent of the musicians was outstanding.  The other interns and I walked away impressed and excitedly began planning our next visit to the Kennedy Center.

As I watched the concert, I thought about myself as an artist with a disability.  While my musical skills are below average, I have been working to improve my photography skills since high school, and I consider myself to be pretty comfortable behind a camera.  People’s reactions when they learn that I am a visually impaired photographer can be very amusing and are usually just silly.  I have been told that visually impaired people aren’t supposed to be able to create great artwork.  Oh, how ignorant people can be!
Title: "Drop of Patriotism"
Description: A drop of water hits an American flag plate in my kitchen sink
The most common question that I have been asked is: “How can you see what you are photographing?”  To put it simply, carrying around my camera is like carrying around a giant magnifying glass.  I have a Sony a350, which allows for interchangeable lenses.  My macro lens has enabled me to see details of objects that would otherwise remain unnoticed because of my visual impairment.  So, I actually see BETTER when I am photographing the subject. 
Title: "Give Me a Sign"
Description: Taken at the Boneyard for Signs in Las Vegas, Nevada
One of the first art exhibits that I applied for was through VSA Michigan, the state organization on arts and disability.  Because several of my pieces were chosen for the statewide exhibit, I experienced a newfound confidence in my artwork and began to apply to calls for many national and international exhibits.  A few years ago I would never have imagined that I would be calling myself an internationally exhibiting artist today.  I have had my artwork displayed in galleries in Australia, Canada, and across the United States.  I guess you could say I have really developed an “eye” for photography.

Description: A flamingo in the gardens at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

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