Monday, June 25, 2012

The Waiting Room

Throughout this past week, I continually heard reference of the heat and how miserable it was going to be. While I do think the weather was warm, nothing compares to the heat and humidity that Kansas brings. The high in KS today was 103 degrees, then lowered to a "comfortable" 90 degrees by 9:30pm tonight. Needless to say, folks in D.C. need to get over it.

Last week was great. I attended a screening of "The Waiting Room", a documentary focused on the healthcare system and the challenges that most Americans face. It shared the human side of the healthcare system struggle and stirred a healthy discussion as to why the system is broken. While we often like to point fingers as to why a system is broken, I don't believe there is anyone to point the finger at - except ourselves. We as a society dictate what the next social issue of our time is, and we just recently decided healthcare was one of importance. Just as we evolved our thoughts about suffrage, racial inequity, and (slowly) immigration - we've now decided that healthcare deserves some reworking so everyone can live a healthy life. Click link to watch the trailer.

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