Monday, June 4, 2012

1st blog

Last week was definitely an eye opening experience for me. I had the greatest time at the orientation for several reasons! First of all, I met the most amazing 30 interns from all over the United States, all gleaming with pride of who they are! I was amazed with each individual I met not just because they are brave people, but how each of them carried themselves.  Each person I met had a unique personality and they were confident about themselves.  I truly enjoyed meeting the 30 other interns who shared something in common with me. My actual internship hasn’t even started and I already feel so honored to have this type of experience.  Thanks to AAPD once again for letting me have this privilege of meeting 30 plus new fantastic people!
Secondly, I absolutely enjoyed each presentation that was given to us by the prestigious guest speakers.  Although I didn’t meet all of them personally, it was awesome hearing each of their stories.   I really was blown away by some of them especially Mrs. Connie Garner and Mrs. Rebecca Cokley.  The best thing about the presentations was the fact that all of them were inspiring and had awesome endings! It really made me motivated about my political internship with Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers.   I am confident this summer will help me decide if I want to get into the political field in the future.
Thirdly, I am excited about my mentor, Claudia Gordon!!!! I’ve heard so many positive things about her and I really can’t wait to get to know her. I saw her present at a National Association of the Deaf conference and I was overly impressed with her. Honestly, I never thought she would ever be my mentor. This is going to be a sweet summer!
Finally, all the staff at AAPD did a wonderful job with the conference this week. Thanks to all of the people who worked hard to organize such an efficient orientation week, especially to Ms. Dana Fink! 

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