Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a whirl wind week that was for me.  Flying in on Sunday, having orientation and flying out on
Friday, just in time to make my wedding and miss my rehearsal.  Fly back to D.C., getting in around 1:30am and waking up for my Internship on Monday at 6am.  That was the flyby, here are the details.

After a problemless flight into D,C, on the Sunday before orientation, I was relaxed, yet feeling anticipatory about the coming week.  What would we do, what would the people be like, would I fit in?  I was pleased to find that everyone was welcoming to one another and we all we here because we wanted to make the world a better place for people with disabilities,  For the second time I did not feel alone in the fight.  The first time I felt that was when I read the book No Pity.  Where I am, researchers are not big in this field.  They look at me weird for wanting me to do this research.  Now I know there is a plethera of researchers that I might turn to for advice when I am struggling with something.

Then came Friday.  Oh, Friday.  I caught a shuttle to Baltimore at 6:15 am and when the plane was on the runway, ready to take off, the pilot comes on and says, "folks, our left engine just shut off by itself without our touching it, so we are going back to the gate to figure out what is wrong."  Okay.  An hour and 45 minutes later, he comes on and says that it will be another two hours and we have to all go find alternative flight options.  So I did and the soonest one in the area would get me in around 6:45 in the evening.  My rehearsal for my wedding was to be at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I almost cried.  Then, realizing that there was nothing I could do, took the flight and the free taxi ride back to D.C. and flew out of Reagan.

When we got to Chicago everything was at a stand still, because Obama came.  So, everything got backed up.  So I called home for the umpteenth time.  Michael was going to put the flight info in his phone so they could be there when I arrived.  We took off really late, but arrived earlier than they thought.  I was the first off the plane and what did I get when I walked into the waiting area.  No arrival party.  No one was there to pick me up.  I had to call to have someone come to pick me up.

For all the things that went wrong on Friday, I said that there were bound to be problems on the day of the wedding and that I was just going to take them in stride and laugh about them.  And really there were only a couple little snafoos and the day was beautiful.  There was a sprinkling of rain at one point, which I heard was good luck, and the rest of the time was great weather. 

Coming back to D.C. was pretty easy, with a little bit of a delay on the home stretch, getting me in after 1:30pm, but it was not bad.  Overall, I'm so thrilled that I did it.  It was hectic, but so wonderful.  I miss my husband.  But this will forward my career and he understands that.

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