Monday, June 11, 2012

The ACTUAL First Week

Orientation, check.
First week, check.

After fretting about what to wear on my very first day, I decided to go with the basics--black skirt, white blouse, and black blazer. After being told that being early is the best thing I could do on my first day, I decided to come in early. As I was walking to the Longworth building, where Congressman Hoyer’s office is located in, I bumped into another AAPD intern. We wished each other luck and went on our own ways.

My first week was interesting! While introducing around, my fellow interns and bosses  attempted to learn sign language. However, we cannot do that to communicate so we usually end up writing on a notepad or chatting through gchat or email. At the Longworth building, couple of interns invited me to join them for lunch and showed me the Longworth cafeteria. When we arrived at the cafeteria, I saw a good amount of tourists. I, personally, find tourists annoying, especially when they wear one same shirt and walk in huge crowds that it feels like walking in a stampede when trying to get through. However, this was not so bad. I still believe that Union Station is the worst place to be in during summertime.

I did not have a chance to go grocery shopping during the orientation week. I was too busy having fun meeting new people. So, last week, I decided to look for an affordable grocery store to shop, but could not find one within walking distance in Foggy Bottom. I decided to wait until I go over to Northeast area to visit my friends, which would be a couple days later. I have a favorite store in that area--Harris Teeter. If anyone has any suggestion for a grocery store in or nearby Foggy Bottoms, please feel free to chip in!

On Thursday, I finally started working at NLCHP. With an interpreter, I met everyone. I got settled in my assigned desk and was assigned a celebrity doppelganger, Keira Knightley. I am not so sure if I look like Keira, but if the Administrative Assistant says so, I must do. There, I write blog entries about anything regarding to homelessness, work with social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, and etcetera), and other many things.

I got to admit, my summer is good so far. I am even getting a tan!

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