Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 3 of Work

This past week has been packed full of both fun and work-related things to do. I'm happiest when I'm busiest, and DC certainly lends itself to this very easily!

From the day I started, Work has been pretty fast-paced, maibly because United Spinal's nationwide policy conference Roll on Capitol Hill was only a few weeks away. It really was a great time for me to start because I got to help prepare for the event. Contacting senators, organizing data, researching policies, was all part of the steps leading up to ROCH and taking part in this gave me a first-hand glimpse into, not only United Spinal as an organization itself, but the politics and workings of Washington, as well as event planning.

Well, ROCH is here--kicking off today in downtown DC. Today, I covered the event as "social media reporter," tweeting photos and updates. Tomorrow, I'll go on a few hill visits with my supervisors and the conference attendees. So far, it's really been a fun experience.

Speaking of fun: Saturday, AAPD organized a tour of the FDR Memorial for us interns. Leading the tour was Jim Dickson, who works with voting issues for the disability community at AAPD. Although I've toured DC before, I had never seen FDR's. It's beautiful. There are several 'rooms' within the structure, containing waterfalls and lovely sculptures symbolizing various stages of FDR's life and career. There really are mixed sentiments within the disability community about the memorial--it is both a triumph and a disappointment. For example, although braille is included in one room, it is only an 'artist's interpretation' of it. So, not only is it fake, but it is set 6ft. above the ground.
I guess it just serves as a reminder that we cannot yet give up the fight for equality.

All for now,
     Liz H.

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