Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week Six

So week six is here already, and a lot has happened that has, at least in my own opinion, made me grow as a person. Work has finally given me the opportunity to expand my horizons, as I’m now essentially heading my own project, and it’s a major one at that. While my work was slow at first, it has really picked up lately, and for the better I think.

Plus the past two weekends have been extremely fun. Last weekend, a 5 of us interns went for a walk around the monuments late at night, and it was amazing. Some hilarity did ensue however, as a misplaced foot on my part caused me to go swimming in the water pool at the top of the World War II memorial. It was completely and totally accidental, yet hilarious when I think back on it.

My father is also in town for the weekend, which is cool because I get to experience July 4th in DC with him, which is pretty cool. Next weekend I head back to my hometown of New York City for a long weekend, my cousin just graduated college and my other cousin just graduated high school! So let me end this post here, because I have to go drop my aunt off at the train station (she’s in town too for a few days).


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