Friday, July 9, 2010

Week Six - The Sixth Adventure

Nature is my first love, if it means to go bald, I will gladly let the hottest sun toast my hair on fire. A hundred degrees feels more like 85 degrees. I do not mind the heat for I have once lived in the desert and traveled to the hottest places on this planet. Being a human means to survive natural disasters, take risks and learn to climb the highest mountain. There's no doubt that too many people appreciate technology more than mother nature.

Not a lot of interesting things has happened during this week. I had fun alone at my apartment cooking dinner for myself. I have achieved several victories for my PC Gaming competitions. And now, I just had a Pizza party with the AAPD yesterday. It's good to meet our friends again and listen to lectures from important leaders experience.

My job has created more work for me to learn. I have created a webpage for a team of web developers to use as a way to share their work. It was my job to set up the website using Microsoft SharePoint web service. It's not difficult but it takes time to add information such as record management.

As a IT Specialist Intern, I get to improve my communication skills to understand people needs. Whenever I have a project that I must complete. I first begin to speak with them to make sure that I understand all of the requirements expected. If I don't I will have to restart all over again or worse, a project can result to failure and loss of time & money. The ability to understand different people needs is called needs assessment. For instance, a programmer has received requirements to build software from a boss who knows nothing about computers. A programmer would use good methods of communication to his/her boss to understand the exact software requirements. I hope that helps.

Only four more weeks left of happy adventures.

Lovely snowflakes, they fall nowhere else! ~ Zen Proverb

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