Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Eight - The Eighth Adventure

I had a nice tour with Microsoft at Reston, VA. It was a great experience to learn new exciting innovations that they have made. They showed us the features from windows 7 phone and what Microsoft has implemented in the search engine "Bing". Then we get to see an innovative video about the future. I know I did not say much, but in all of these years of innovation and technology, I have never bought an Apple product before. I just continue to stick with Linux and Windows technology. I am not saying Apple is bad, I do not know any other multinational corporation that is named after a fruit. Perhaps I should start my own company called Bokchoy Inc to sell cell phones that has all of the accessibility features that meets section 508 requirements.

Events, I had plenty of events, first I went to the ADA Anniversary Celebration as a intern volunteer. All I did was help take the tickets and pass out bags with the program information. Besides being a volunteer I did do much to enjoy the party.

Next event was with the JFA Awards. That's where I started to interact with more people. I have received my award with the other interns. I have also listened to important speeches from leaders. I am also glad that my supervisor came to this event.

After the JFA award events, I had dinner with Mr. Coelho. I appreciate meeting him, he is a wonderful man who has contributed a lot. I thank him for all of the good things that he has done.

Now let's talk about my job. I had a research project to find the best Web Content Management Systems (WCM) for my Branch to buy. It's for managing content and they can be used for people who want to build websites or a webpage with no knowledge of XHTML markup language. It is necessary because It takes too much work for a webmaster to add information for thousands of users, let the people do it themselves. My job was to focus on finding a good WCMS that allows integration to Microsoft SharePoint with .NET API. The best ones that I have found so far are Sitecore, SiteInfinity and Kentico. They all have accessibility that meets Section 508 standards.
I apologize if this blog was not as interesting as my previous blog. I am just glad that I have had a adventure. The ADA Anniversary begins on Monday the 26th. It's going to be fun.

There's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms.. ~ Zen Proverb

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