Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Great Week At Work

This week started off as any other week I went in and started working on the testing of our web calendar for the office. The web calendar project has given me a lot of experience in dealing with software companies and how to get them to better suite their product to your needs, and how to also get them to work on the price of the software. Wednesday of this week we got in some disk drives cd coping capability. I was tasked with the job of installing them and making sure that all the software was installed and ready to go. Thursday and Friday I worked on a dell laptop that had a serious virus on it and the memory in the computer was completely corrupted which made the computer do a memory dump and give you the lovely blue screen of death. This was complicated fix because the virus messed up the registry of the operating system so it would not allow me to access the hard drive, luckily my boss showed me a tool that would boot the operating system and allow you to access the computer’s hard drives and pull off any important documents and information. The program is called Bart PE it’s actually really cool in my opinion because Bart PE operates by loading system registry files into RAM, and not writing any registry changes back to boot media. Thus, both operating systems require no hard drive or network access. This also allows them to be run from non-writable media such as CD-ROM. Additional applications can be included in the BartPE setup through the use of "plugins". A plugin contains setup information for a specific application, so that it can be included on the media and installed along with Windows at each BartPE boot. Currently there are a few hundred plugins available in addition to the dozen-odd that are included by default with BartPE.

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