Monday, July 12, 2010

July 4th

The weekend of July 4th started off with a 8 and ½ hour drive to myrtle beach south Carolina to see my family and meet Justin’s family. We left Washington D.C at 5:30 pm that Friday and made our way down 95 as fast as I could, don’t get me wrong I love Washington D.C but I need to see some sand, sun, and ocean a little vacation never hurt anyone, everybody needs to shift into neutral and recharge the batteries. I was in Myrtle for 3 days then I drove to Georgia to see some of my friends that wasn’t such a bad drive it was only 5 hours and my roommate matt rode with me so it wasn’t bad at all. The drive home was interesting because I stopped at south of the boarder in South Carolina and bought 162 dollars worth of fireworks to shoot off when I got to my house. Best 162 dollars I’ve ever spent on fireworks that is I got a 30 min show for 162 dollars which isn’t a bad deal my friends were happy because my town did have that many fireworks because it rained on the 4th. I took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work so I could spend so more time with the parents but as fate would have I had a mandatory meeting to attend back here in Washington D.C so Wednesday morning I left around 6 am because it is about a 10 and ½ hour drive my house in Georgia to D.C but I made it back with no time to spare. I parked my car at South Hall and Matt and I booked over to K&L Gates to make the pizza party on time.

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