Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Nine

Week Nine
I never knew I could be such a good organizer and promoter. In the past I have had to promote my musical group, a handful of college parties, or an occasional dance recital, but never spent any time promoting government presentations, nor software releases. But I think I’ve done well this summer learning from my supervisors and coworkers at the USDA agriculture marketing service office. I was really nervous in the beginning stage of contacting important people; actually I was downright scared of it. I am an outgoing person; I love to talk to people but technical speaking can come create many questions and requires the ability to work without a script. I got to practice this week with Mrs. Drumm from USDA Agriculture Research, and after a hour speaking to her about the public comment analysis toolkit she will be representing her office in collaboration with many other USDA offices in support of the implantation of Dr. Shulman’s new software toolkit. The Access board (Sue Little) has also been invited to the presentation on July 30th at the Peoples Garden starting at 10 am where we will be serving FREE kettle corn, refreshments, and guacamole with polio con queso (chicken nachos) as well as guacamole which I am cooking for the attendants. I hope to see anyone who can attend from the AAPD that day, it is an excellent chance to meet in person a true entrepreneur (Dr. Schulman) and here how we was able to develop his software, market it and to see how YOUNG he is, it will blow your mind.
He is a Political Science major and an excellent networker (for you Congressional interns) and was a organic farmer in the past…an all-around great guy to know and so personable and friendly. I have learned SO much from him this summer…Thank you Schulman!
Justin Patterson

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