Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another week down

It has been a beautiful, exciting week in DC and I am glad to be here! This week we had some pretty cool events. The first was the ADA event at which there was over 1500 people, a majority of which had disabilities. It was truly beautiful to look out into the crowd and see people happy to be alive in this moment. We all have different battles to fight, and while mine don't necessarily include a focus on disability rights there is always a part of me that remembers my relation to it. I'm sure it is the same for many people in the disability community, and while we may not have the largest community or audience, we seem to have the largest hearts.
As I say and re-read the words "largest hearts" one name in particular comes to mind- Yoshiko Dart. I (and many others) am in love with this woman. She inspires the masses to cake action, no matter what their fight is. I'm not sure why though, maybe it's her enormous heart, maybe it's her calm and calculated way of acting, whatever it may be- it is beautiful. I am proud to say I had her sign one of the ADA shirts, and it will soon be hanging in my room at home.
Work has also been very good, I am pretty quick about my work and I am learning a great deal about MS access as well as myself. My work challenges my computer skills and my interactions with my co-workers challenges my interpersonal skills. A good mix to be working on!
Love is the most powerful weapon in the world, a weapon that can do great things or cause great destruction. Maybe one day we will learn to love each other for the sake of peace and equality, because equality is all we need.
As the infamous Justin Dart said: "I am with you always, I love you, Lead on, Lead on."

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