Monday, July 5, 2010

A little break

Things are getting busier at AAPD HQ as we get closer to the ADA anniversary. Last week I was only in the office Monday through Wednesday, but I still managed to go to several meetings and get a good chunk of work done. The most interesting thing I did out of the office during the week was going to the Independence at Home Day at the Capitol Visitor's Center, which was a celebration of a provision in the Affordable Care Act that will allow people to receive high quality healthcare in their homes (through house calls and health IT, mostly). Representative Markey and Senator Wyden were honored at the event for their work in getting the provision passed. You can read about the event here, on JFA. I've also been continuing to work on a Disability Mentoring Day project, which will probably continue for the rest of my internship. On Wednesday, we had another staff meeting and I also participated in a Webinar about how healthcare reform will affect long term services and supports, which was interesting (although I felt like I had already gotten a lot of the information through other activities and research I've been doing). One more interesting aspect of my internship has been speaking to people calling AAPD for information and referrals--I like talking to people and being able to direct them towards someone who can help them or sending them information. On Thursday, I took off to Vermont to meet a lot of family. It was a lot of fun...I had never been there before, and we did some hiking, ate some great food, and just spent time together. More soon!

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