Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 6

​This week has been great I finally got some experience with Windows 7 Ultimate which was cool because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The computers with Windows 7 Ultimate are for 3 employees that need more powerful computers because they run architectural software that requires a 64 bit processor and a good bit of hard drive space. Tuesday part of the office flooded with water from one of the bathrooms, that was fun let me tell you having to scramble to unplug copiers and move a few UPS’S (uninterrupted power source) to keep them from getting wet and shorting out while at the same time trying to do damage control throughout the rest of the office is definitely a great work out. To give you an idea as to how bad the leak was they had to shut down one of the elevators because water was running down the elevator shaft. The only good thing is that this weekend I get to go see my family and hangout at the beach with them, don’t get me wrong I love it in Washington D.C but I need to get out of the concrete jungle and see some sand, tree’s, and some water. I don’t think anyone would blame for wanting to get of the city for a little bit everyone needs a vacation from work and the city. I hope when I get back from my vacation that the new server will be here because I would love to dive in head first into that project and learn how to set the server up and put it on the domain, that server is going to be used for virtual machines which are basically a computer inside another computer without having to physically having to purchase the computers.  

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