Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Half way mark

It's hard to believe that most of us only have a month left in our internships that it was only a month ago that we all met for the first time at K&L Gates for our orientation.

My supervisor warned me that July was going to be a busy month. With all the ADA events and deadlines, transition into July was a hectic one. Everyone in the office has been kept on their toes for the past couple weeks as the anniversary of the the ADA and AAPD draws closer. Luckily everyone enjoyed a long July 4th weekend to help them recharge for the upcoming weeks.

Right before the three day weekend, I was able to speak with John Kemp, one of the co-founders of the AAPD. I was fortunate enough to steal some of his time before the end of his day to speak to him about the start of AAPD and it's connection to the ADA. He expalined to me that the idea for AAPD was formed soon after the signing of the ADA and in 1991 he and Paul Hearne started to come up with plans for starting a cross disability organization. He also mentioned that the progress AAPD has made so far in 15 years was beyond his expectations.

Speaking with individuals like John Kemp are definitely the highlights of my internship and I hope that the other interns have had and will have the same oppertunities.

If you guys want to hear more about what John Kemp had to say about AAPD and ADA, please keep a lookout in the up coming weeks for his video at our youtube channel!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and hope to see you all at the pizza party tomorrow!

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