Monday, July 12, 2010

Short week, lots to do

Last week was another busy one, even after the long weekend. I participated in a conference call on Tuesday that introduced the new government healthcare website. If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to check it out: It explains the new law well, but it also has a customizable insurance options selector that is pretty cool. Eventually, it will have the plans from the state insurance exchanges posted on it, so you can just enter some information and the website will choose specific plans that would benefit you. It even has a special section about how health reform will affect people with disabilities. On Wednesday, I started a new project working on part of AAPD’s website. I’m editing a page that explains Health Reform from a disability perspective. It’s been interesting to learn how to use our Content Management System, which is something I’ve never done before. I’ll post a link to the site in a couple weeks, after I finish. Wednesday night’s pizza party was, as everyone else said, not an ordinary pizza party. It was a great opportunity to meet successful people in the disability community while eating some truly delicious pizza! On Wednesday, Mat McCollough came to HQ to present at a brownbag on Professional Communication. I found it really helpful – my job here includes a lot of emailing, and it was great to get an in-depth lesson on how to make the best impression and get the best results during electronic communication. I worked a lot on my DMD project last week as well – I think I’m making some progress there. Finally, on Friday, I went to a briefing by the Alliance for Health Reform on health reform implementation – I actually met another Vassar student there! Though I did a lot of interesting work this week, I was definitely ready when the weekend came. On Saturday, I met two other interns in Georgetown (I live pretty close to there), and we got food and played a game. It was a fun way to relax after my long week. Sunday, I watched the World Cup finals with my sister and some friends – all in all, a great week!

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