Sunday, July 18, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Eight

A Sign-Language Interpreter came to my office for the 10am meeting by conference call; it takes around 10-15 minutes for the conference and then we’re done. The meeting talks about security software and a few other things.

I like learning new things. For instance, last week someone installed a new keyboard for me while I was at lunch. I noticed that the keyboard had a place to insert card and I was like “um I don’t know what that is”. I went to my POC’s office because I needed his help with something and then I saw him just pull his DHS id card out on the keyboard and itself locked the computer! I was like “HEY HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?” He laughed and said “cool, isn’t it”? I said “YES”! I asked him, “Can I use my DHS id card and insert on my keyboard?” He said “of course; I will send it to you”. When it was inserted on keyboard, it then asked me my pin number; I typed my pin number then it was a successful log on and when I pull out my DHS ID Card and it automatically locked computer! It is great and it saves time!

I had a quiet day, but interpreters came to my office for the meeting at 3pm in the conference room. I noticed the people to be not so agreeing about the different kinds of software. I just watched and was learning from them and trying to understand everything. I’m still waiting for the DSL modem from Verizon; it has not arrived yet. When the videophone is connected and working then I can to start participate in the meetings with them see what’s going on. I’d like to help and participate!

I went to the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA. Oh man it was so amazing! I learned about new advance technology like I never did see before! I am so happy that AAPD provided all IT Interns the tour to Microsoft Technology Center; it was a wonderful experience. I learned about IPhone technology and how one can read a newspaper on it. It would like automatic change to the next new page while still on front page. I was like “that’s impossible” but one never knows, it could be coming soon! There was a display about Google and Bing, also. I really like Google better than Bing. The man said that Bing has different features like when you type Washington, D.C. in map then you can see more and zoom closer to show clearly the live picture of the place. To be honest, I think Google is still BETTER than Bing but that’s my personal opinion. I will be working at Microsoft Technology Center in the future, I hope. I am keeping a positive attitude. Really, today was an awesome experience!

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