Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth Week of Joy and Joy

Fourth Week of Joy and Joy

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hiya everyone, I noticed that everyone is busy in Washington D.C. with everything. I am a very busy person with my internship because I been working on Database and editing the information. Also, I have to work on my presentation that I am going to present when my co-workers inform me with their time and date because I will present the meeting about Knowledge Management, Content Management System and other information regarding to United States Coast Guard.

There are no events this week, except I went out with my roommate, David Cardenas with other interns to meet with AAPD intern, Charla Wright, a law student for AAPD. We met at Slizzing Express (If I remember correctly). I had a good lunch; I had Chinese foods with two drinks (Ice Tea and Mountain Dew).

Otherwise, I am working on a research at how to improve my agency since we are facing too many of security flaws in the organization, hackers is riding high, and cybercrime rate is going up but I am trying to figure out how to protect the information regarding to my agency because I want them to have a good business with other government agencies without being attacked by cybercriminals because being an intern for Information Technology, you can also do your own research at how to improve the organization with your knowledge and educate yourself, and educate others. But I am ready to help my agency with my knowledge and information that I found and share with my co-workers, but I hope that my research will benefit me for the future notice.

In closing, I hope that everyone have a good week and good vacation. Have fun with your families and I hope that other interns will have something fun to do. I will see you all when I am back for my fifth weekly report for this blog.

Take Care,

Kevin T.J. Whetstone

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