Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Week, New Struggles

This past week was very stressful and yet enlightening all the same. Starting with early this week, I got a call from my mother; my grandfather had just been admitted to the hospital with numbness to various parts of his body, including his face. Now, having some basic medical experience that I leeched from my best friends (two doctors) and my cousin (a registered nurse in NJ) over the years, I was easily able to understand the medical jargon that was used to describe his symptoms and possible causes of said issues, but all of us were still stumped. The doctors ran a full battery of tests, and still have no idea what the cause is, which worries me greatly. My mother had to fly up to NJ to help my grandmother deal with my grandfather being in the hospital. My week started off horrible with that, worrying me to death. On a brighter note, he seems to be doing better which is good. One last test on Monday and he gets to come home, but we still don’t know what is wrong, which is troubling to say the least.

In other news, I got to visit Microsoft’s Regional HQ out in Reston VA on Friday with the other IT interns, which was awesome to say the least. Considering that I am already working with Microsoft Public Sector consultants at CBP, it was a pleasure to see the Reston center where our PMR (Project Manager) goes for meetings ever 2 weeks. My cousin also came into town for the weekend and took me out to Mortons for some prime steak, and to McCormick and Schmicks for some amazing seafood the next night, which was great. It was cool to see them again, and when I get home he’s going to be in Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks so I’ll get to hang with him again.

Till Next Time,

Ron S. Nunes

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