Thursday, July 8, 2010

A few blogs that are often overlooked

While mainstream blogs are great for up to date news, often the more interesting articles I see are from smaller sources. While most of these will only have a few posts a day, (if that many), they are an invaluable source for interesting and unique articles. These blogs are also the source of many of the links I post to twitter, as they are often on topics overlooked by more mainstream sources.

Wired Danger Room:
I enjoy reading Wired in print much more than I do online, so I generally stay away from their blogs, despite the high quality. Danger Room, however, covers an area that rarely makes the print edition. Focused on security related news and opinion, they cover new military weapons & technology, cybersecurity, general military news & anything security related. While many of the articles are of interest only to military types, they will often have in depth articles & video covering UAV, robots, or other new technologies related to the military

Nerd Approved:
This is more of a fun blog than a news source. Nerd Approved posts a few really cool geeky items that have just gone up for sale. I originally spotted this blog as a source often used by Gizmodo, and I know look at every item they post. I have found some great gifts for people by keeping an eye on this blog.

Make Magazine:
The blog of the popular magazine for DIYers, they will post articles and video about interesting projects being made. If you like looking at cool things people have put together, the make blog is the place to go. They also have done some incredible videos explaining the basics of electronics and similar important concepts for those wanting to create things, and post the same project guides and tips that can be found in the magazine.

Droid Life:
The best source for news about Verizon’s Droid phones series and Android in general, I keep a close eye on this blog so that I have the best & newest apps, software updates, and hacks running on my phone.

There I Fixed It:
If someone ever tells you something you made is the ugliest kludge they’ve ever seen, send them to There I Fixed It. A photo blog updated a few times a day, There I Fixed It features some of the craziest off uses for all sorts of products & general kludged fixes for problems.

The Daily WTF
A daily reminder that your tech job could be far worse, the Daily WTF features horror stories from tech workers all over. The stories are cleverly written, always different, and always funny and/or interesting. Though they can get a bit long, they are well worth reading if you are getting frustrated with your work.

While I read plenty more blogs, this article combined with my last one make a pretty good overview of the best of the bunch. Hopefully you found at least one new blog to keep an eye on.

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