Friday, July 16, 2010

Rough week, many lessons learned

Yes, it's been a rough week. I have a habit of doing dumb things sometimes and usually end up getting in trouble. However each time this happens is a great chance to learn about proper work edicate as well as myself. So not too much to report work-wise, just that it's been a long week and I'm glad it's Friday. Today I had the honor of visiting Microsoft's tech center and it was... well... beautiful. I learned a lot about new, exciting Microsoft technology and got a chance to see the mystical cloud. For those non-tech people reading this, the cloud is the future. Essentially the cloud will one day hold all of our documents and information so we can access it anywhere at anytime.
One of the more funny parts of the event today was when the microsoft people kept commenting about broken antennas (referring to the flaw in the new iphone). They later commented "this is one of the few times we get to laugh at apple". That made me laugh.
On a similar note, I bought a mac last week, my second mac ever (first that ive owned, the other I got from my school that I later gave back). I mainly got it for iphone programming, but so far I love the hardware... granted the software isnt "pro" friendly, but this hardware is great. I got a refurb for the money I got from AAPD!! Thank you microsoft for buying me a mac!
I kid... but that is pretty ironic. Oh well! see you next week!

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