Sunday, July 25, 2010

Internship Blog for Week Nine

Wow!! I had a lot of events to attend this week! The Spirit of the ADA Celebration and the Justice for All Award Event were both absolutely awesome! I really liked these events so much and enjoyed volunteering at them, too! I met Tony Coelho; he is Chair of AAPD’s Board of Directors, Original Author of the ADA, Former Majority Whip, and former Senior Advisor to the Democratic National Committee and Chairman of Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign. Wow! He is very important man!

He is really a very nice guy and very busy! I noticed he is always talking on the phone and texting too! I can tell that he works hard and it shows from his heart to show us what we can do. Don’t be afraid or shy to try doing something, just show what can you do and have confidence in yourselves. I learned from his speech and I wish I could chat with him at dinner but I noticed that he mostly was talking about congress and interns. Of course I was enjoying the dinner, too; the food was absolutely awesome!!

At my job, to be honest, it’s not really too busy, but of course I join in the conference room for discussions and meetings. Verizon came to my office and was trying to fix modem for the DSL so I can have my Videophone, but somehow Verizon still has problems in their Central office. I guess I just have to continue waiting, but interpreters will be coming for the conferences on the phone so I won’t miss and will be able to participate; I’m glad about that because I’m interested and want to participate. I’m starting to have more energy and it is becoming exciting start to work each day. I’m exhausted, but that’s not a bad thing; this experience and the learning worth it for me.

I’m looking forward to a very big event next week; it is going to be so very awesome! I will explain more about it next week after the event, but trust me – IT IS A REALLY BIG DEAL AND I CAN’T WAIT!

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