Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Adventurous Learning Experience

Good morning everyone. This is my first blog. I want to thank the American Association of People with Disabilities(AAPD) for helping me to be more open to further my career. It's all about social networking and making a successful future helping others.

Now let me introduce myself, I am Anwar Alumeyri a student of Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Information Technology. I will be working on Microsoft .NET with the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA). I expect to share more about my employment experience once I start work.

During the most important day of the Orientation on Wednesday, I had access to text-to-speech captioning service called c-print. It's like closed captions for my lecture and discussion needs. Now you get the idea that I am profoundly deaf who can speak clearly with little understanding of American Sign Language(ASL).

Wednesday was a big day for everyone. I read several speeches about past interns who were part of the AAPD. They taught us their invaluable experiences working for the government. That it's important not to limit ourselves to one project, there's always a opportunity for us to be involved in other projects.

My most memorable lesson was from a presentation that taught me not to limit myself to my educational background. I have learned that no matter what educational or college background you have, you always can achieve anything you want to be from hard work. People with disabilities are forbidden to serve for the United States Air Force to fly planes. I Strongly believe that I am capable of making change. One day we will see thousands of people with disabilities working for the United States Air Force flying planes or even better, flying commercial planes.

Most importantly, I want to thank my mentor, Ryan for realizing my goals. I am currently learning more about my disability rights and I look forward to achieving more of my Professional and Academic goals. I also appreciate the contributions everyone has made during the social networking mixer, and meeting the guests was a honor.

Besides the Orientation, I have made new friends that I can count on. They were very generous to help facilitate my travels in Washington, DC. I will also do the same to help other people.

So far my experience in Washington DC was a blast.

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