Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week Four

Week Four
This week started off with a whirl before 7 AM. Monday was composed of creating a 3 page 13 website proposal of the changes that we suggest to the current USDA website. Stephanie another intern working for AMS (American Marketing Services) Dairy Programs and I worked diligently to finish the project by noon so that we could email it so it could be reviewed before the Tuesday meeting.
After a rushed lunch I had to begin putting together my PCAT (Public Comment Analysis Toolkit) presentation which was due by 2:30 PM for a conference meeting with Lionel Patterson. I just finished the training material before 2:25 PM when Lionel called to begin the live meeting. After a few bugs were worked out the meeting flew by like a breeze and I was able to answer all questions asked of me with little difficulty. The meeting filled me with a new sense of accomplishment for the day. I looked at the clock and it was approaching 5 PM. I felt like the day had gone by with a blink, though the time said differently.
Tuesday was my biggest success, and hardest day of the week. After an early 5 AM start to the day, I was on the subway destined to work. I knew I had to head in early, and would be at work late due to my 3 meetings and web site crawling (testing every link and connecting link that appears) of 539 different connections. The meeting went amazing and it ended with a little demo of the robotic software that will soon be provided to our office so we no longer have to manually crawl through the Dairy Programs website in search of broken links. I was so grateful and offered up my Audio Visual expertise any time he would need it. Then I had a final meeting I arrived late to where I had to present the Public Comment Analyzer Toolkit I have been creating with Dr. Stuart Shulman from U Mass. I am preparing a video training platform for Dr Shulman due to the fact that Wikis are difficult to use without the aid of visual representation of what tasks you are trying to accomplish.
Justin Patterson

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